Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Advent Giveaway


December 1st-25th

Goodies Given Away Every Day Totaling $450

It’s Christmas every day with this romantic Advent Calendar giveaway. Twenty-Five authors have teamed up to bring you over $450 worth of prizes. Every day another door opens and another giveaway chance for you to win!

Each day, return to the site to click on the calendar and open the door to another fantastic prize. Be swept away this holiday season by gripping romance, pampering treats, cozy gifts, and an amazing offer hidden inside the calendar.

The giveaway is sponsored by these wonderful authors:

Ellen Mint • Jordyn Kross • Caroline Akervik • Wendi Zwaduk • Totally Entwined Group • T. Strange • Katherine Grant • Heather DiAngelis • Tanith Davenport • Liz Paffel • TJ Finn • Melissa McClone • TJ Finn • AE Lister • Elizabeth Cole • S. J. Coles • Lonna Seibert • Aurora Russell • Rianne Thaxton • Tigris Eden • Delta James • V.J. Allison • Monica Barrie • Cynthia Terelst • Sara Ohlin • Jaqueline Snowe

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Review of Songwriter Showcase


Songwriter ShowcaseSongwriter Showcase by D.G. Driver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“What love feels like”

This is the charming but real sequel to Songwriter Night by D. G. Driver. The novella recounts the trials and tribulations of two couples, Lyle and Trish, and Odette and Neil, as they compete in a talent competition. In “Songwriter Night,” Lyle and Trish seemed made for each other. He brought charm, good lucks, and more knowledge of the music industry to the relationship. In contrast, the lovely Trish is inexperienced, new to this entire world. But on the night of the competition, it is Trish that catches the judges’ eyes, among whom is Aiden Bronson. Lyle is both jealous and contemptuous of Aiden, a former friend. There is a conflicted honesty to Lyle’s reaction to Trish’s success. He is threatened. He loves Trish and wants her to do well, but he also doesn’t want to lose her.

We see more of Odette’s and Neil’s relationship in this story. She is a woman who has a history. Any man who wants to be with her needs to accept the past that has shaped her. Neil is younger and less mature than Odette. He is frustrated by her lack of openness with him. She can’t expect him to understand her decisions if she doesn’t share her reasoning and experiences with him.
The power of this novella lies in the appeal of the characters. I found myself genuinely rooting for them, wanting them to succeed and get past the obstacles that life is putting in their way. The twists of the plot are often unexpected and there is a thread of humor throughout. I find myself wanting to know what happens next. Does Lyle finally break through in the music industry? Does Aiden make a play for Trish? Can Odette let Neil be a part of her life?

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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

***** Review of Songwriter Night by D.G. Driver


Super creative love story. Made me wish I could attend a "Songwriter," though I would probably bring poetry. The story takes place over one evening when a group of creatives gather to share songs and offer suggestions and/or criticisms. Composer/singer Lyle invites gorgeous new girl Trish. The company of friends eventually put her at ease until rising country star Aiden Bronson arrives and turns the evening on its ear. 

I truly felt as if this sort of evening was something I wanted to be a part of. I enjoyed the vibe. The characters were well developed and unique. The spark between Lyle and Trish is tangible, but can Trish resist Aiden's star power?

A charming and unique read.

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Press Release for My Golden Horse




CONTACT: Caroline Akervik



Twitter: @CAkervik  





Caroline Akervik’s new Young Adult Horse story, MY GOLDEN HORSE, book 2 of the DREAM HORSE SERIES, was released August 30th, through Fire & Ice Imprint from Melange Books, LLC. The book is available in print format and in eBook format through,, several other booksellers, and at the website, The first novel in the series, A HORSE NAMED VIKING, a highly rated novel, was released in 2012.


Caroline Akervik has always been a voracious reader of most any genre, except for horror, because it’s scary. Blessed with a wonderful husband and three amazing grown children, Caroline has worked as a horse trainer and as a school librarian. Once a Grand Prix dressage rider, she remains an animal lover. Caroline believes that libraries are among the most magical of places, and her writings reflect the eclectic nature of her life and reading taste. Her books include sweet romances, horse stories, and even science fiction. Caroline seeks to write from the heart, to transport her readers, and to give wings to their imaginations.


Ellen Sanz is angry at the world, and she wants nothing to do with horses. Before her mother’s accident, they’d had a great life. Her mother, Linda, was a successful show jumper. Ellen had attended virtual school, and they had travelled between international horse competitions. Everything had changed when Linda suffered a catastrophic riding accident. Ellen has been her mother’s caretaker in the year since. They’ve been forced to move to Linda’s parents’ hobby farm in the Maryland countryside.

Here, Ellen finds herself irresistibly drawn to Lemon Meringue, nicknamed Tandy, a show ring sour palomino rescue mare, as well as to Joel, a cute and horse crazy guy.

Can Ellen and Tandy let go of the pain of their pasts to embrace a new life and find that special connection?

Caroline Akervik is available for interviews and appearances. For booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book-signings, contact her at



ISBN: 979-8886530339 Print

ASIN: B0B92LF3QW eBook



Friday, August 26, 2022

Viking is for sale for the first time!

My Golden Horse is available for preorder on Amazon now! In honor of the release date, May 30th, A Horse Named Viking is now for sale for $2.99. Check them out! Two down one to go.

Monday, August 1, 2022

Enchanted by Encanto

My son told me the movie Encanto is delightful. But, as I tend to prefer to read or listen to watching, I downloaded the audiobook on Overdrive. Sometimes, you hear something you need to hear when you need to hear it. The message of Encanto is that each of us have special gifts. This is an important message for any parent to hear; that our children are unique and should each be celebrated for their unique selves. As a parent, sometimes we want all of our children to have the same special moments and achievements. Celebrating one is not diminishing another, but this can be easily forgotten. I think about the Manning brothers. One of the brothers, had a neck condition which prevented him from playing football professionally. I imagine this must have been crushing for him at first. I like to imagine that though the football gods didn't smile at him, life did in other ways. His son is now a highly recruited quarterback. My point is that we have must see and celebrate our children as they are. This was an important message for me today.