Friday, August 31, 2018

Review of Lost on the Water by D. G. Driver

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Lost on the Water by D. G. Driver was an unexpected find for me. It is a gentle journey into the world of the undead.

Dannie, or Danielle, a surfer girl from California, has been deposited by her parents with her grandmother for two weeks while they go to Paris. Dannie is not your typical young teen protagonist. She is at that androgynous age when she can “pass” as a boy. She is a tomboy with an attitude who, though possessing a good heart and intentions, has a rebellious streak. She is not thrilled to have been deposited at her grandmother’s in rural Tennessee.

Soon, Dannie encounters a troop of boys who, though they may have some inklings that the new dude is not what he seems, agree to allow him (really her) to accompany them on their annual camping trip on an island in the middle of a reservoir. That’s when fate or hands from the beyond begin to influence Dannie’s story. She “finds” all that she needs to join the boys’ excursion, including a battered and mysterious boat. This boat is the key to family secrets and mysteries that Dannie didn’t know existed.

Dannie’s voice is strong and true to her character and the setting is charming and richly developed. D.G. Driver ‘s writing style is visceral. She evokes a reader’s senses in a way that brings the story to life. There are many interesting twists, turns, and unexpected developments that kept me turning the page. I read the novel in one sitting because I could not put it down. 

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