Monday, March 16, 2015

The Prisoner of Cell 25 - couldn't put it down

I bought this book of a review several years ago. It was described as a great book for reluctant readers. So, I suggested it as an end of year read aloud for a 5th grade classroom. Michael Vey mania ensued. All of the students, girls and especially boys, were discussing the book, requesting it, reading it. It was a librarian's dream. I ordered the sequels and the phenomenon continued. But, for some reason, I didn't pick up the book myself. I understood the premise, a boy with electrical powers who also grapples with Tourette's syndrome while fighting an evil group bent on world domination. Then, one weekend, I somewhat reluctantly, brought the book home. That night, with determination, I sat down to read, and found I couldn't put it down. Michael is an appealing hero, an underdog, but one who rises to every occasion. I liked the idea of the other electrical kids and their unique and different powers. I like how Michael makes unlikely allies, even with some rather suspect kids. I guess what I most enjoyed about the book is that Michael is a real and believable middle school aged kid. The book is a nonstop thriller that kids and adults can't put down. I am a Michael Vey fan!

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