Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Recently, a second grade teacher used A Horse Named Viking to teach about reading strategies. She sent me the following comments from her students.

Quotes by kids:

" I was amazed at how well you PULLED ME in to the book"

"Your story touched my heart"

"I CONNECTED with your story because I am a horse back rider"

"Your book made me sob and cry at the end.  Maybe you and I could talk horses someday since we have that CONNECTION"

"I cried when Viking was put down because it reminded me of when my aunts dog was put down". 

"I wish Viking would have won the World Cup.  I'm QUESTIONING why he couldn't go out on a good note". 

"Your book made us cry and cry.  Mrs. P had Avery read the last Chapter because she and Olivia couldn't stop crying"

"I still QUESTION if Carpia's husband also had a bad blood line". 

"If Humfriend could not handle Viking, then I am INFERRING that Anne is really the BEST rider". 

To Mrs. P, thank you for sharing these wonderful comments with me and thank you for sharing Viking with your students!

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