Monday, June 19, 2017

Becoming Alpha by Aileen Err

With YA, you generally can't miss with hot werewolves and witchcraft. Sometimes, this genre can read as a Twilight wannabe. This is not the case with Becoming Alpha by Aileen Err. One night, I was browsing the "The Big Read" books in our school library collection and this one popped up. I was immediately intrigued by the cover. As a feminist, I like the idea of a female protagonist becoming an alpha. The story does not fail to deliver. It is action packed with new intriguing twists on the whole werewolf schtick. The male lead is a teen hottee, but he does not overwhelm Tessa at all. Tessa is just learning about her powers and abilities as a werewolf and as a witch, and her journey is both compelling and exciting. Two thumbs up on this one. I look forward to continuing to reading the other books in this series.