Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Review of the Enemy Above by Michael P Spradlin

Twelve-year-old Anton inhabits a world gone mad. He lives in the Ukraine which has been overrun by the Nazi war machine. He is Jewish in a land that the Nazis are seeking to make Judenfrei. Anton's father has joined the Polish resistance. His uncles are considering doing so as well, so only his Bubbe or grandmother remains with him. Facing dire jeopardy, he and his grandmother and other villagers flee to some hidden underground caves. But when the sadistic Major Van Duesen exposes their hiding place and captures Bubbe, Anton realizes he can no longer hide if he wants to save his grandmother.

The Enemy Above is a fast paced historical thriller that chronicles almost incomprehensible tragedy in a sensitive manner than makes accessible to children. Should be on a shelf with Number the Stars.