Monday, August 6, 2012

"Young adult fiction about the sport of dressage is exceedingly rare, which makes Caroline Akervik’s book a real find." - Dale Leatherman,

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Ebooks or tradtional books for the over 50 crowd?

I read an article today that for the first time in Great Britain, ebooks sales have exceeded print books sales. Do you prefer ebooks or do you prefer to have a "real book" in your hands. For a long time, I was convinced that only the younger generations would adopt ebooks, while older readers would cling to the traditional format. However, then, my mother-in-law got a Kindle Fire for Christmas. After a short tutorial, she was off and running. This woman who had sworn that she could never imagine herself reading on "one of those things" is a complete convert. She has mastered Overdrive and found all sorts of free books online. She raves about how great it is to read on while on the tread mill. She loves that you can adjust the font size and the brightness. Bottom line, I was dead wrong. Kindles, tablets, and Ipads open up opportunities for mature people. My mother-in-law observed that nursing homes should have tablets on hand as well as young people to train the residents on how to use them. She was convinced that these devices would make books much more accessible to older reads because of all the advantages they offer. Ebooks for pleasure reading and for learning are the future. Now we just have to have to provide the access and the training.